Who We Are

UCS Healthcare delivers comprehensive health care services, including medical and behavioral health diagnosis, education, and treatment, including therapy, psychiatric services, substance use disorder therapy, and medication assisted treatment. View our annual report here.

Our Vision

Become the leading provider of integrated healthcare services for our diverse community in a safe, respectful, and accessible environment.

Our Mission

Create hope for healing and lifelong well-being.




Our Values



Every life is important and valuable.



We welcome all individuals.



We support health of the whole person, both physical and behavioral.



Our caring team members give every patient respect without judgment.



We earn the trust of our patients, which leads to better health outcomes.



We respect your right to personal privacy and patient data is kept confidential.



We become a supportive partner for your lifelong health journey.

About Us

UCS Healthcare provides behavioral and medical health care to patients in a safe, diverse environment with access to various healthcare professionals in one location. UCS Healthcare is an Iowa-based non-profit corporation licensed by the State of Iowa to provide substance use disorder treatment services, including medication assisted treatment, mental health therapy, counseling, and primary health care, including outpatient psychiatric care.

The organization was incorporated on November 11, 1997, and employs more than 100 professionals in 14 locations. A volunteer Board of Directors manages UCS, and the Executive Director governs the day-to-day operations.


Our staff comprises certified counselors, licensed mental health therapists, clinical psychologists, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychiatrists, and patient services specialists. This team of professionals works together to use various best practices and philosophies to tailor an effective plan for each client and family member in some instances. Aftercare services, community resource referrals, and case management services provide clients with financial, job, health, and housing resources.

Did you know?

UCS Healthcare is organized as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Any donations made to UCS may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor for more information.