Our Mobile Clinic Provides Medical Care Throughout Central Iowa

UCS Healthcare delivers comprehensive and compassionate health care to our patients. Expanding upon our promise, we can now bring mobile medical services to under-served communities throughout Iowa by putting health providers on the road in our mobile clinic. If you see our purple and white modified RV around town, know it has lovingly been nick-named Betty White.


 ucs healthcare mobile clinic RV.

UCS has provided specialized medical care throughout Des Moines and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. Known for our educational, accessible, and diverse services, our patients and staff appreciate our approachable clinic environment. We're proud to offer a wide range of specialized services, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and addiction treatments, LGBTQIA+ medical care, mental health therapy, and access to low-cost health care.

The Goal of Our Mobile Clinic: To Provide Quality Care to All Communities

Now that our medical services are mobile, UCS Healthcare recognizes that we can visit people who might not regularly see medical professionals. With our community outreach, we're excited that our mobile clinic has the potential to help new patients develop a healthcare routine. In the meantime, our staff looks forward to providing Iowans with easy access to free health care and medical services by bringing the opportunity to their neighborhoods.

Everyone Deserves Medical Care, Even Without Insurance Coverage

USC Healthcare provides physical, mental, and behavioral medical services for all, including those without insurance coverage. People in under-served or unhoused communities often need health insurance, making it difficult to get even their basic health needs met with low-cost or free healthcare. It could also be true for people living in adverse environments who need medical treatment and have sought help but have been turned away due to their lack of health insurance. Ultimately, UCS Healthcare, with the assistance of our mobile clinic, strives to make an impact in these disadvantaged communities by providing Iowans with access to quality, unbiased medical care without required health insurance.

Thankfully, the government does offer a health insurance program, Medicaid, for patients who apply and meet specific income-based requirements.

Our Mobile Clinic Doesn’t Discriminate

We've met with Iowa residents who have avoided seeking medical treatment due to a bad experience with the healthcare system. UCS Healthcare staff ensures everyone receives a positive, unbiased, and compassionate experience every time.

We accept all patients and will never judge someone based on their circumstances.

UCS Healthcare’s Mobile Medical Services

If our mobile clinic is near you or someone you know, we want you to understand the types of mobile medical services we can offer on the road. Our van offers:

  • Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder -Our provider can prescribe Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) and supportive medications for treating opioid use disorder. We can provide limited additional services to our MAT patients on a case-by-case basis, such as wound care.
  • SBIRT evaluation is a patient-focused screening for substance use and mental health concerns that can help patients identify their health goals. For recovery from opioid use disorders, we recommend medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for patients. This involves using medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies to help sustain recovery.
  • Providing Narcan - The UCS Mobile Clinic has performed life-saving measures by reversing an overdose through Narcan administration. Narcan is a well-known name for naloxone, a medication used to reverse opioid overdoses, including overdoses caused by oxycodone, heroin, and fentanyl. Other harm reduction supplies and education are provided as needed.
  • Telehealth Care - Telehealth appointments allow us to encourage ongoing health care beyond our mobile clinic through video conversations. Our providers schedule telehealth follow-ups with MAT patients, and patients can receive substance use disorder and mental health assessments and treatment through telehealth at UCS.

Our mobile clinic follows a regimented schedule. UCS Healthcare has expanded this initiative so that we can serve patients across the state of Iowa.


Fast Facts About The UCS Mobile Clinic

Our mobile clinic offers more than just accessibility for communities. Throughout the summer of 2023, the UCS clinic engaged 115 Iowans, meaning they learned about treatment, took harm reduction materials, talked to us about health concerns, or went on the RV for services. Other highlights include:

  • UCS Healthcare staff treated 44 unique patients for various medical services, or they received naloxone (Narcan) counseling outside of our mobile clinic.
  • Our medical professionals have successfully reversed one overdose and have distributed 60 boxes of naloxone.
  • The Mobile Unit, Betty White, traveled 377 miles for outreach events between Des Moines and Indianola from June through August 2023.

The UCS mobile clinic receives funding through the Iowa Attorney General’s Office - Iowa Opioid Settlement Fund. These funds are given to states nationwide that have sued for cases where people became dependent on opioids from being overprescribed. Over 18 years, Iowa expects to receive $174 million, which will be split evenly between the state and local governments to address the opioid crisis in Iowa.

Reach Out to UCS Healthcare to Learn More About Our Services & The Mobile Clinic Near You

Our comprehensive approach to healthcare services addresses physical, mental, and behavioral health. UCS Healthcare professionals respect patients as individuals, without judgment, and are equipped to offer a full spectrum of services, including complete family medical care, substance use disorder treatment, mental health therapy, and more. For more information about our mobile clinic and services, contact our staff at UCS Healthcare or call us at 515-280-3860.