Our Mobile Clinic Provides Addiction Services Throughout Central Iowa

UCS Healthcare delivers comprehensive and compassionate health care to our patients. Expanding upon our promise, we can now bring mobile medical services to under-served communities throughout Iowa by putting health providers on the road in our mobile clinic. If you see our purple and white modified RV around town, know it has lovingly been nick-named Betty White.


 ucs healthcare mobile clinic RV.

UCS Healthcare has been delivering comprehensive and compassionate care to Iowans for over 25 years. We are proud to offer a wide range of services, including substance use disorder assessments, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use, mental health assessments, counseling/therapy, psychiatry, primary care, and LGBTQIA+ specialty care. We are dedicated to putting our patients first, and our approachable staff have been extensively trained in cultural sensitivity and trauma-informed care.  


Expanding on our promise to prioritize patients, we created a Mobile Clinic program. This initiative brings substance use services on the road and directly to the folks who need it most! If you see our modified purple and white RV around town, know it has fondly been nick-named Betty White.

The Goal of Our Mobile Clinic: To Bring Person-Centered Care Where it's Needed Most


The Mobile Unit delivers ultra-low-barrier, rapid access to substance use disorder services. This program focuses on underserved populations, such as individuals who are incarcerated, recently released from incarceration, residing in supportive housing, and are otherwise “high-risk.” By visiting key community locations regularly, we aim to provide continuity of care while reducing as many barriers as possible. 


As with our brick-and-mortar locations, we adhere to harm reduction principles by supporting individuals on their recovery journey, regardless of their substance(s) of choice or continued substance use. We maintain a non-punitive approach to treatment, and our services cover all three facets of prevention. We aim to engage folks to:

  1. Prevent substance use before it starts.
  2. Promptly identify and intervene in early substance use.
  3. And minimize negative consequences for patients who are actively using substances. 

Person-Centered Care  

Our organization firmly believes that people who use substances are the experts in their own lives and experiences, and our role is to empower and support them in making informed decisions about their health and well-being. Our “whole person” approach ensures that our interventions are compassionate, effective, and aligned with the real needs and goals of those we serve.  


We recognize that many of the folks we serve have had adverse interactions with healthcare providers, but we are committed to the non-judgmental and non-coercive provision of services. As a Safe Haven for individuals who use substances, we ensure that no one is turned away due to their substance use, inability to pay for services, undocumented status, race, sexual orientation, or language barriers. 

Financial Assistance 

At UCS Healthcare, we firmly believe that healthcare is a fundamental right for all, regardless of insurance status. We accept most insurance plans, and our dedicated staff is committed to assisting folks to navigate alternative financial options. This includes facilitating applications for presumptive Medicaid, conducting grant eligibility criteria, and offering personalized, income-based payment arrangements. 


UCS Healthcare’s Mobile Addiction Services

Services on the Mobile Unit include substance use disorder assessments, substance use disorder treatment, SBIRT evaluations, harm reduction, peer recovery support, and patient advocacy. We also connect patients with our brick-and-mortar locations for wrap-around services like mental health assessments, counseling/therapy, psychiatry, primary care, and LGBTQIA+ specialty care.

We recognize that some individuals may need more time to be ready for treatment or hesitate to engage with the healthcare system. We are dedicated to building trust and relationships with the people we serve; we offer everyone resources and support, regardless of where they are in their recovery journey. We have established a rotating schedule at our outreach locations to facilitate these relationships and ensure continuity of care. The Mobile Unit visits each outreach location weekly or every other week.  

SBIRT evaluation is a patient-focused screening for substance use and mental health concerns that can help patients identify their health goals. For recovery from opioid use disorders, we recommend medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for patients. This involves using medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies to help sustain recovery.

Substance use disorder (SUD) assessments are conducted by a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC). This assessment typically takes 60-90 minutes, offering ample time to accurately identify the level of care, person-specific goals, and needs, and build an individualized care plan. Our SUD assessments are recognized and admissible in various contexts, such as for parole/probation, court hearings, or HHS services.  

Substance Use Treatment (Medication Assisted Treatment / MAT) 

From uppers to downers and everything in between, we offer full-spectrum substance use treatment*. Patients can complete their initial medical evaluation and follow-up care in the mobile unit. Treatment options for all substances are determined by the necessary level of care and joint decision-making with the patient.  

We can provide limited additional medical services to our MAT patients on the Mobile Unit on a case-by-case basis, such as mental health assessment, psychiatric medication management, and LGBTQIA+ specialty care. 

*Please note that medications are not dispensed from the Mobile Unit. Patients must receive medicines from their local pharmacy or one of our brick-and-mortar clinics, as determined by their level of care.  

Harm Reduction 

We recognize that substance use is a continuum and that some methods of use are safer than others. We support individuals in making safer choices by providing Narcan, safer use kits, wound care / first aid kits, safer sex kits, infectious disease testing, and comprehensive harm reduction education. 

Telehealth and Service Connection 

Many of our follow-up services are available through telehealth, allowing patients to continue their care from anywhere in Iowa.  

Fast Facts About The UCS Mobile Clinic

Our mobile clinic offers more than just accessibility for communities. Throughout the summer of 2023, the UCS clinic engaged 115 Iowans, meaning they learned about treatment, took harm reduction materials, talked to us about health concerns, or went on the RV for services. Other highlights include:

  • UCS Healthcare staff treated 44 unique patients for various medical services, or they received naloxone (Narcan) counseling outside of our mobile clinic.
  • Our medical professionals have successfully reversed one overdose and have distributed 60 boxes of naloxone.
  • The Mobile Unit, Betty White, traveled 377 miles for outreach events between Des Moines and Indianola from June through August 2023.

The UCS mobile clinic receives funding through the Iowa Attorney General’s Office - Iowa Opioid Settlement Fund. These funds are given to states nationwide that have sued for cases where people became dependent on opioids from being overprescribed. Over 18 years, Iowa expects to receive $174 million, which will be split evenly between the state and local governments to address the opioid crisis in Iowa.

Reach Out to the Mobile Clinic Team to Learn More About Our Services & The Mobile Clinic Near You

The Mobile Unit addresses addiction and other substance use disorder issues, and we offer connections to services for extended physical/mental/behavioral healthcare.

Reach Out to the Mobile Unit Team to Learn More  


Sarah High, Mobile Unit Outreach Coordinator:

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