What to Expect

What can I expect at my first appointment for substance use disorder treatment?

  • Walk-in assessments are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are dependent upon counselor availability. We do our best to make sure you are seen promptly. However, we are unable to predict demand or wait times at any given point.
  • On average, it takes 15-20 minutes to enter your information into our computer, determine payment and give you a tour of our clinic.
  • Once you are seated with a counselor, it will take about one hour.
  • If you want additional information about specific programs, the counselor performing your assessment can provide it to you.  
  • If you are coming to UCS Healthcare for Medication Assisted Treatment, please note you won’t be able to receive medication the same day you are evaluated for the program.
  • We will need to collect your co-payment or payment depending on your insurance benefits.
  • We do our best to determine your basic insurance benefits as quickly as possible such as deductible and coinsurance. If possible, please inquire with your insurance company to determine if UCS Healthcare is in your allowed network and what type of coverage you have for the services you might receive.
  • Our insurance contracts are based on the entire UCS Healthcare network, not on a specific UCS location.

What can I expect at my first medical, mental health therapy or psychiatric appointment?

  • You may receive paperwork by mail for you to fill out and mail back or bring with you to your first visit. These forms are also available here on our website. This paperwork should be filled out by the time of your appointment.
  • Medical clinic visits are by appointment only. If you have a sudden illness or injury, please call for availability.