Suicide Awareness

UCS Healthcare believes in a harm reduction model, which means we meet patients where they are, no matter the situation. Sometimes, mental illness, recovery, and life trials can lead to suicidal thoughts or ideations. We are here for you no matter what. 


Our team recently received a grant from the Iowa Department of Public Health to implement Zero Suicide Academy. This program provides a company-wide survey to assess personal experience with suicide, the comfort level of addressing suicide with others, and training needs for an organization to help reduce suicide rates. It also provides funding for training our entire agency and developing tools and resources for our team and patients. 


Establish a Safe Plan for you or your loved one. Creating a Safe Plan helps identify warning signs or triggers and provides steps you can take if you have suicidal thoughts. Fill out a Safe Plan online and email it to yourself, a trusted resource, a family member, or a friend.

Smartphone apps: Utilize a smartphone app with resources and your Safe Plan to have this critical information at your fingertips. Here are three apps that can be helpful:


Need to talk to someone right now? Here are resources available nationally and locally.

More Local Resources

Youth Crisis Stabilization

Adult Crisis Stabilization