Medication Assisted Treatment

UCS Healthcare is one of Iowa's few Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) providers. We have successfully helped hundreds of patients recover from addictions, including opioids or alcohol, through individualized treatment programs offering a combination of medication and counseling. Through our own experience and independent studies, this combination creates a more significant opportunity for our patients to succeed with their long-term recovery. 

We utilize a variety of medications in our MAT program for the treatment of alcohol or opioid use disorder, and,

with 14 locations across Iowa providing MAT services, Please contact us for more information.

Our belief at UCS is that medication used in MAT to treat addiction is much like medication for other illnesses. Reducing the cravings and withdrawal symptoms through MAT often allows our patients to lead more productive life. Such as working, spending time with family and friends, and performing the tasks of daily life – while engaging in counseling to address all their needs as they move toward recovery.

We offer priority admission and specialized services for pregnant women entering MAT services. MAT medications are safe for pregnant women and their unborn fetuses. Women can experience normal pregnancies, give birth, and raise healthy children while receiving MAT treatment. You must receive prenatal care. If you don't have an obstetrician, we will refer you to one experienced in treating pregnant women in MAT. Contact us for more information. 

Medication Units

Patients currently in treatment for alcohol and opioid use disorders may be able to access medication assisted treatment through UCS Healthcare at certified treatment centers in Iowa.. A complete assessment is needed to begin MAT treatment. Please contact us today to schedule an assessment.

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 We're ready to partner with you if you're interested in participating in our medication-assisted treatment.
The first step toward total health is contacting UCS Healthcare to make an appointment. 

Call, click or come in and find out more about our services. We will have some paperwork for you to fill out and ask you for your insurance and identification information. If you do not have insurance, UCS also has a sliding fee scale option for some of our services.  

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