Join the Patient Advisory Group at UCS Healthcare

UCS Healthcare’s values are centered around patient-centric care, and we strive to provide exceptional and inclusive healthcare services to all visitors. To ensure we’re continually improving the patient experience, we’ve put together a patient and family advisory group.

The UCS Healthcare Patient Advisory Group (UPAG) is a group made up of patients who are currently receiving services from UCS Healthcare. This patient advisory group serves to assist the team at UCS Healthcare with understanding the patient’s unique point-of-view as well as continually improving our services and the delivery of those services.

Goals For Improving The Patient Experience at UCS Healthcare

We want to give the patients at UCS Healthcare a safe space where they can provide honest feedback about what they enjoy and what could be improved for better patient-centric care. By holding regular meetings with a variety of individuals, we can address concerns in a timely manner. The Patient Advisory Group will allow patients and families to:

  • Give input into UCS services and the delivery of those services
  • Voice concerns in a safe and confidential space
  • Form a collaborative relationship with other UPAG group members and the UCS Healthcare team in an environment that is open and respectful of everyone’s situation, background, identification and culture

With the help of the Patient and Family Advisory Group, UCS Healthcare will be able to improve the patient experience by enhancing care based on patient needs, ensuring providers are creating a safe environment, developing additional methods for integrated care and finding new ways to serve our patients.

Join The Patient Advisory Group

UPAG is always looking for new members to help us work towards improving the patient experience and care delivery within UCS Healthcare. We want to have representatives from a variety of cultures and generations to:

  • Talk about barriers to care, treatment, and services
  • Suggest ideas and solutions for the care experience
  • Give the patient perspective

Patient Advisory Group members must:

  • Be a current or past patient
  • Commit to regularly attending meetings, held quarterly
  • Sign the UPAG statement of confidentiality

Apply today!

To learn more about the UCS Healthcare Patient Advisory Group, email

Ways to Apply:

  • Apply now to our patient advisory group using our online form
  • Download an application and submit via email or mail to UCS Healthcare Patient Advisory Group, UCS Healthcare, 1300 Woodland Avenue, West Des Moines, IA 50265

UCS Healthcare will communicate with you about your application. We appreciate everyone's willingness to join the group, but not all submitted applications will be selected for participation.