Resources & Tips for Recovery: Working Through The Substance Recovery Process

January 28, 2021

therapist and patient.

By Sally, UCS Healthcare Counselor


It’s a new year, and many of us are thinking about our health and our future. After some reflection, we may decide that our current substance use keeps us from who we want to be. It keeps us from who we know we are.

Our substance use is a big deal in so many areas of our lives, and it’s not easy to stop using drugs and overcome addiction. At all.

Ways to Seek Help During Substance Recovery

When we decide we want to change, we begin to see how our choices about substances affect our families and how they relate to our friend groups. It can feel like a lot because it is. Substance use can impact everything in our lives from our finances, habits and time to our physical and mental health.

Tips for Recovery: Be Patient While You Change Your Habits

Like everything else, this kind of change is a learning process. When we treat substance recovery like a learning process, we can keep a more positive perspective on the experience of change. We can learn from trial and error. Some things work, and some things don’t. It’s not always easy, but when we monitor our behaviors and have the chance to share what we are observing, we can learn from them.

Tips for Recovery: Give Group Therapy a Try

We can talk about our process to supportive people. In group therapy, we can meet other people going through the same recovery process - or have gone through the same experience - and learn from them.

Even during COVID, there are groups and online discussions all day and night all over the world. These can be honest, uplifting and motivating. Together we can find strength in numbers. Our attitudes of hope for the future and gratitude for the chance to make progress can be our greatest strengths.

Tips for Recovery: Get Support Through Counseling

Counseling really helps when we want to make changes because then we have another person invested in our efforts and progress. During this personal, private time, we can gain clarity by talking about what we’re going through. Getting feedback and support for the things we are learning about ourselves can make change easier. We can reflect on our accomplishments and make progress. We don’t have to report perfection, and we can be glad to be growing.

Tips for Recovery: Dive Into a Helpful Book

Books can be there for us when a person can’t. Reading our recovery literature, self-help books, or books about spiritual growth helps us refocus on ourselves. We remind ourselves of the changes we are making to have a quality lifestyle instead of just the temporary escape from discomfort or boredom.

UCS Healthcare Can Help Find What Works Best For You During Substance Recovery

When we are in times of change, we need resources that work for us. We need support to make the changes that will improve our health for ourselves and our families. Take time today to put some of these best practices in place as you learn how to be who you want to be! You don’t have to do it alone! Reach out to UCS Healthcare experts to start treatment and discover how to start recovery for substance use disorder. Getting help is easier than ever before with virtual care options available.


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