Adolescent Substance Use Disorder

This program will provide individual therapy to address substance use disorder issues. Family counseling services are also offered on an optional basis. Adolescent therapy will focus on education regarding substances, cognitive restructuring and lifestyle changes. These services will be provided at three levels: Extended Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient and Continuing Care. In addition, UCS willingly partners with other service providers to create an individualized treatment plan that is right for the client.

What are the fees for adolescent treatment services?

UCS accepts private insurance and Medicaid. In addition, for non-insured clients, UCS uses a sliding fee scale that is based either on the adolescent patient’s parent's or guardian’s income or on the adolescent patient’s income.

Who is providing the adolescent therapy services at UCS Healthcare?

Our counselors are certified by the Iowa Board of Certification. In addition, they have been approved by the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Department of Criminal Investigation to work with adolescents.

What symptoms or behaviors should adults look for in adolescents regarding substance use disorders?

Teens who are struggling with substance use disorders may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors – isolation, sudden changes in mood or attitude, weight fluctuations, changes in social circles, lack of self care or personal hygiene, behavioral changes, sudden difficulties in school, disciplinary or legal issues, changes in physical appearance, excessive sleeping or other sudden changes in typical daily patterns.

How do you enroll in services with UCS?

Patients can enroll in the Adolescent Services program by calling 515-280-3860 or emailing make an appointment. We also accept referrals from other agencies.